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Killing Me Slowly With His Pills


For Immediate Release: May 25, 2010
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FDA: Possible Fracture Risk with High Dose, Long-term Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today warned consumers and health care professionals about a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine with high doses or long-term use of a class of medications called proton pump inhibitors.           

Yes folks, that right; the pills you pop based on the constant ads you are bombarded with have serious negative side effects!  In fact, here is the warning directly from one manufacturer’s website:

The following instructions are taken directly from              

14-Day Course of Treatment:  Swallow 1 tablet with a glass of water before eating in the morning;  take every day for 14 days; do not take more than 1 tablet a day; do not chew or crush the tablets; do not crush tablets in food ; do not use for more than 14 days unless directed by your doctor

Repeat 14-Day Courses (if needed): You may repeat a 14-day course every 4 months; do not take for more than 14 days or more often than every 4 months unless directed by a doctor

But you say, “This can’t apply to me because my physician prescribed these pills.”  Folks, when the physician runs out of diagnostic tools to help them determine what is the ROOT CAUSE of your SYMPTOMS, the physicians have no other choice but to push drugs and try and manage your symptoms.

By eliminating the acid in your stomach, they are effectively stripping you of your mainline, internal defense against Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi.  Stomach acid is also a critical component in the process of digestion and absorption of essential nutrients.

The paradox:

Having sufficient stomach acid keeps the valve to the esophagus closed so it cannot be harmed by stomach fluids. When the stomach produces acid it also produces bicarbonate of soda.  Bicarbonate of soda is what protects the stomach lining from being damaged by the acid. Therefore, it stands to reason that IF the stomach is not producing sufficient acid it also won't be producing enough bicarbonate of soda to protect the stomach/esophagus and this will allow ulcers to form.

So what can you do?  If you are going to have an Endoscopy (this is where the physician goes in for a look see from the top) then demand that the tissue sample they are testing is sent to TZAM Diagnostics.  That lab does PCR testing for H. pylori.  Their Multiplex PCR test is astoundingly better than any other testing option; it finds what the other miss.

If you have already had the “look see” from the top (and/or from the bottom) and you are now on pills; demand that your physician (Gastro or Primary) orders the MetaMetrix 2100 Profile.  This is another patented PCR based test that looks at ALL of the Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi that might infect your Digestive System.  If your issue isn’t H. pylori then there is something “bugging you” and this test will help identify that for nearly everyone.  It’s non-invasive (done on stool) and has helped over 100,000 people find out what is keeping their lives turned upside down.

Remember, pills for symptoms promote the status quo.  What you need is a cure for the cause…

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